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Merko scholarship 2020

Since 2007, we have recognised engineering students and young lecturers at TalTech with scholarships to help secure the future of the construction industry and to provide better education to future professionals.

The Merko scholarship for teacher and researcher for 2020 goes to research fellow with the engineering faculty Simo Ilomets thanks to his contribution to development of contemporary, innovative building physics. Simo combines the skill sets of the best European specialists, engages in significant research, educates Estonian civil engineers and consults on many projects. Simo’s true calling is leading development in research and teaching in the building physics field at Tallinn University of Technology.

The engineering scholarship is awarded to a third-year student and Merko Lahekalda project intern Karl Treial, who is a true engineer, first thinking through the task at hand and then executing it. Karl is conscientious, has a thirst for learning and a can-do attitude. He understands very well that additional questions and taking on responsibility are the key to generating valuable additional knowledge. Karl emanates dedication to the civil engineering field and a clear vision of his studies and where what he is accomplishing at school should ultimately lead. A positive attitude, good communication, adaptiveness and an ability to find a solution to every problem – this is what Karl brings to the table and what we value at Merko.

Beginning of the project:
End of the project: