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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board shall plan the activities of the company, organise the management of the company and supervise the activities of the Management Board. The Supervisory Board shall notify the general meeting of shareholders of the results of a review. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board organises the work of the Supervisory Board. The main duties of the Supervisory Board are to approve the group’s material strategic and tactical decisions and to supervise the activities of the group’s Management Board. The Supervisory Board’s actions are guided by the company’s articles of association, guidelines of the general meeting and law.

Toomas Annus


Chairman of the Board

Teet Roopalu


Member of the Board

Indrek Neivelt


Member of the Board

According to the Articles of Association of Merko Ehitus, the Supervisory Board has 3 to 5 members who shall be elected for the term of three years. The Supervisory Board of AS Merko Ehitus has three members of whom, in accordance with the requirements of the Good Governance Code, one – Indrek Neivelt – is independent member.

Remuneration of the members of the Supervisory Board is approved by the general meeting of shareholders.


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