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Corporate Governance

AS Merko Ehitus is dedicated to following high standards of corporate governance, for the implementation of which the Management Board and the Supervisory Board are responsible for shareholders. Our objective is to be transparent in our economic activity, in disclosing information and in relations with shareholders.

social responsibility

The group is responsible for its decisions and activities that have an impact on our employees, customers and partners and, more broadly, on local communities.


The Company’s highest governing body is the General Meeting of Shareholders, the authorities of which are regulated by legislation and the articles of association of the Company.


The Supervisory Board shall plan the activities of the company, organise the management of the company and supervise the activities of the Management Board.


The Management Board represents and manages company in its daily activities in accordance with the law and the Articles of Association. The Management Board has to act in the most economically purposeful manner.


Business operations in the situation of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic